Live Review : Trash Boat, Corporation Sheffield, 25.09.16

Its a cool autumn eve and Sheffield’s Corporation has a sell out show on its hands tonight. It’s unsurprising though, as the level of talent on offer tonight is second to none, with up and coming acts playing alongside some of the more well known bands in the UK pop punk landscape.

West Yorkshire is currently home to a vibrant punk rock scene, demonstrated admirably by Leeds crew These Minds. They roar through a set of exuberant tracks, clearly taking props from the current crop of US bands and surprisingly, on faster numbers, coming across like an updated version of melodic hardcore veterans The Movielife. The promising set ends with a couple of stage dives for good measure, from a crowd who are lapping up the electric atmosphere this eve. [8]

The Gospel Youth know how to show the crowd a good time. The Brighton lads duck and dive around the stage like lightning, coming across like an amped-up cross betwreen Deaf Havana and Fireworks. Even more impressive are the vocals of frontman Sam Little, who makes anthems such as the punchy Hurricane sound like they could fill stadiums. They certainly won the audience over here with canyon-sized hooks and a magnetic energy that puts them miles ahead of the pack in terms of their live game. [9]

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage, one of, if not the reigning champions of British pop punk. It’s Trash Boat time and the boys kick things off with a spirited Tring Quarry, provoking the crowd into a frenzy early on. The audience eat it up, making the singalong-friendly likes of Perspective and even slow-builders like Brave Face so much more fun to witness live. The band bring the intensity on the Gallowslike hardcore of Pangea, complete with squalling lead guitars, all the while showcasing huge hooks with a rousing rendition of Second Wind.  Trash Boat, not unlike their DIY-punk cousins Gnarwolves, are the kings of understated stage presence, frontman Tobi Duncan leaping around the stage one minute and coming across as modest and almost shy the next. No modesty is shown by those in attendance tonight though, as the band rip through The Guise of a Mother with the crowd screaming the chorus right back at the band word perfect.

For a small room, the venue captures the band’s energy to awesome effect, even pacier tracks like Eleven coming across joyously audible. The band close proceedings with an exhilarating Strangers, The Gospel Youth’s Sam playing the role of Dan “Soupy” Campbell, making for a thrilling end to the band’s set. Surely more Warped Tour success beckons for the Saint Albans mob, but for tonight, Trash Boat ripped Corporation’s small room a new one. [9]