Trophy Eyes – Chemical Miracle

Trophy Eyes are a quintet from Newcastle of Australia. Previously lauded as a breakthrough in the hardcore punk scene with their debut album Mend, Move On, the boys are back for their sophomore album Chemical Miracle. Their second record runs by a different formula to the first however. They’ve stripped back the sonic aggression without losing a drop of the emotion and intensity.

Opening track and lead single Chlorine was our first introduction to Trophy Eyes‘ second chapter, and it’s as much of a stunning track now as it was then. John Floreani mixes his signature harsh vocals with ample amounts of melody, eliciting a beautiful dichotomy which permeates this record. The record is as revealingly personal as their last, and Chlorine documents Floreani’s near-death experience by drowning, and the unfortunate suicide of his saviour. It’s heavy, and moving material.

Counting Sheep and Nosebleed lay more heavily on the raw vocals striding confidently through themes of loneliness, regret, and death. As desolate as this sounds, Trophy Eyes have crafted a relatable and accepting album sure to strike a chord with many listeners. The fluidity with which the band flow between their intensely passionate delivery and tender, vulnerable tones is impressive.

The instrumentation, especially the drumming in Rain On Me is truly stellar – Callum Crump throws out blast-beats like artillery fire for this, one of the heaviest songs Chemical Miracle has to offer.

Chemical is the mid-point of the album, and it’s the biggest curveball this record has to offer. Starting off with a vaporwave style electronic backing, Floreani comes in with harsh delivery over the minimalist, relaxed instrumentation. It’s a strong contrast which serves to highlight the lyricism on show, which is some of the most eloquent you could find.

Breathe You In is perhaps the weakest point of the album. Whilst the lyricism is still poignant, the delivery is not nearly as strong as the majority of the album, and it fails to reach a significant emotional depth. It does beg the remonstration, however, that on another album this could be seen as a relatively strong point, which goes to show the standard of quality Trophy Eyes have held themselves to with Chemical Miracle.

The final four tracks of the album make for a truly prodigious ending. These tracks engage most strongly with themes of suicide that have surfaced a few times through Chemical Miracle to this point. Miracle is a painful expression of guilt, and unsaid thoughts. Suicide Pact builds on this with a solemn critique of the consequences of suicide pacts, and Daydreamer rounds this off by painting a portrait of the narrator coming home to a place he feels he does not belong. It’s a haunting, and sombre close to an album so high in emotion it deftly sidesteps feeling oppressive.

Chemical Miracle is an indescribably forthright album in the most admirable sense. It’s an album that will have you totally invested from start to finish. The stylistic change from Trophy Eyes’ previous releases is a big step, but one that they have managed to perfect. It’s encouraging to see bands taking risks with their performance and having it pay off. Hats off, gentlemen, this album has every mark of one which will propel the band to lofty, and deserved heights.


Conspire release music video for ‘1971’

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They are currently on the homestretch of their tour with Everyone Dies In Utah, to which you can can check out below!


Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes unveil ‘Breathe You In’ video

Trophy Eyes, previously a hardcore punk band from Australia have massively overhauled their sound on their upcoming record Chemical Miracle.

The singles the band have released so far ooze melody, passion and emotion. Breathe You In is no exception. It’s hard to pin a label on this song, but it’s a blend of emo intensity, punk guitars and pop-clean vocals.

The video features the band having a great time at a theme park – all but vocalist John Floreani, who’s syncing his way through the morose track with an expression to match.

Chemical Miracle releases on October 14th via Hopeless Records.

Trophy Eyes release ‘Chlorine’ and announce new album

Trophy Eyes are a quintet hailing from Newcastle, Australia. Their 2014 album Mend, Move On was a hard hitting, emotionally charge hardcore punk-style release that gained the band great acclaim. The many fans that have been waiting for new material ever since have just had their first fix.

Chlorine is the first single from the upcoming album Chemical Miracle, which will release on October 14th through Hopeless Records.

The band have changed up their style somewhat, stripping back the regularity of their harsher vocal style in favour of more melodic vocals accentuated occasionally by growls. Vocalist John Floreani even reaches up to a lofty falsetto at times. It’s a very impressive song, so let us know what you think!