TrueHeights – Days We Found [EP]

Signed to We Are Triumphant, UK alt rockers TrueHeights are due to release their next EP on Friday 6th April, following their mini album TH15 which was released in 2015. Unusually, TrueHeights have released music videos for three of the five tracks on Days We Found.

First track Catalyst opens with a twinkly piano line, which can be heard sitting nicely over the top of the distorted guitars throughout the rest of the track, showing the careful thought that has gone into mixing and mastering Days We FoundCatalyst sounds similar to old style 30 Seconds To Mars, the key difference being the vocals. Although a very different opening track, it’s not an unwelcome change for the listener, as it will grab their attention. It holds the promise of anthems for the listener, wh0 wants to see if TrueHeights will deliver.

Lead single Exit Route is different again, combining the sounds of Fall Out Boy and again 30STM. A heavier track, but still melodic in the vocals and the lead guitar part, without the chugging guitars and aggressive palm mute that can sometimes make alt rock sound very samey. The lyrics describe relatable content for listeners; ‘I just wanna breathe/Say it like you mean it/I don’t wanna believe’. There is also a rhythm change in the bridge section which develops from a beat to a riff over the course of the section. In some places the drum beat makes the track sound rushed, however so far the five track EP is living up to its anthemic promise.

Middle track Maybe starts with a straight 4/4 beat, relying on dynamic changes to provide the movement of the track. There is even an underlying synth with the vocals at the beginning of the second verse. The guitar line changes here too, to provide a counterpoint to the vocal line. It’s little things like this that provide a nice change for listeners, and set the group apart from the rest of the UK alt rock scene.

No Tomorrow starts off with a very punk pop Yellowcard vibe, with the ringing guitar and the soft vocals. This track will resonate with the listener, particularly the theme of growing up. The lyrics ‘We’re not kids anymore/And I’m screaming at the top of my lungs/Can you hear me?’ open the chorus, and solidify this theme. The track is nostalgic and wistful for a simpler time.

Final track Still Moving Colour opens with a slow guitar melody and drum beat, echoing the theme of opening track Catalyst. Being the last track, TrueHeights pulled out all the stops at making this song an epic anthem. The vocal swells particularly show off lead vocalist Zakk Poland‘s impressive range. The listener can imagine moody blue lighting to accompany this song live. It ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the listener wanting more.

Record label We Are Triumphant promised an EP full of anthems, and TrueHeights delivered exactly that with Days We Found. A promising career is ahead of the group, with festival appearances yet to be announced by the record label.