Turncoat – Self Titled EP

Right from the off, Turncoat clearly mean business; the band are fresh off a tour with Grim State and it is clear to see their confidence growing with this release. It makes its mark incredibly quickly as a huge mess of brutal punk rock comes blaring out of opening track Own Up and it only grows from there. The vocals are a solid punk speak/shout as with traditional punk styles but obviously using more coarse language since radio play has become far less relevant and necessary for bands in the modern market.

Second track Growing Up is quickly paced with a more Zac de la Rocha-esque vocal and huge breakdowns that will blow up live like few other bands around in today’s touring circuit. The bass is stronger in third track The Friends You Need and it provides the intro but stays thumping along in a more pronounced manner than the tracks previously, and the guitars sound messy and rough around the edges which makes for a good listen through the track, topped off with vocals ripping through lyrics with ease and venom.

The band clearly hold traditional punk far-left-wing values to heart with fourth track American Dream as they shout ironically “what more could we need” and cut down the ideals of American individualism in the capitalist society, giving perhaps the most punchy and raw tracks on the record. Fifth track Pushing Through was the first single to be released on Bandcamp, and sums up the EP pretty well: unpolished guitars, quick drums and sound vocals, proving it is going to be a real winner. Final track Blindfolded isn’t in any way a slowing down to finish for the 6-track, it’s actually just as brutal as the rest yet the bass in this is the best in all the songs on this release. Fantastic piece of aggressive and punchy punk rock, shame the bass isn’t a bit more pronounced throughout though!


The EP will be released this Friday (10th June) via Eulogy Recordings