Twinesuns [INTERVIEW] (1/2/17)

If you like your noise and drone rock, you will be happy with who we have talked to. We got to have an email conversation with Twinesuns to talk about their latest record, their goals with the record and how they plan their future.

For those who might not be familiar, how would you describe Twinesuns?

We are three dudes playing loud, slow and ugly riffs with a ton of moog synth underneath the guitars. Thats pretty much what we do. Theres nothing special about it, playing slow is key in what we do.

You have recently released your record ‘The Empire Never Ended’, what was it like to finally get your release out there? 

To be honest, I felt pretty much a big relief. It was two and a half years of work on this beast, maybe a bit more, considering the writing phase. In fact, the album was planned to be even longer than it is now – we cut it a bit short to fit it on double vinyl. Mixing, Mastering and finding a perfect artwork took a while but everybody who was involved, did an outstanding job in my opinion. But yeah, I am happy that it is finished and finally out now.

With bands such as Sunn O))) being a major component it seems in the noise/drone rock genre, how would you say your music separates from theirs for new listeners? 

Good question and I am not sure if there is that much of a difference. I mean, we pretty much do the same like Sunn O))). Two loud guitars plus lots of moog synthesizer. Of course we don´t have vocals and we don’t have that whole crazy live show going on like they do. But of course when you play that style of music, especially without drums, there will always be parallels to a band like Sunn O))).

How did Twinesuns come about as a band?

It was mainly me and Florian trying to get some kind of a band going but we were tired of looking for other members and doing this classic rock band lineup thing. So we started as a guitar duo. When we recorded our first album ,The Leaving’ we realised that we need some more depth and dimension to our music. So I asked Renzo from Abraham, whom I have known from touring back then, if he wanted to try to add some moog-parts. It went so well that we asked him to become a full member and here we are. To be honest, I think that Renzo quickly became our creative heart of this band. He has so many great ideas that we could do another ten albums with just his inspiration.

When you first started writing the record, what was your main goals to get out of the sessions of writing and recording?

Renzo came up with the idea to make some sort of a concept record about ,Valis’ from P.K. Dick. He is really into this whole old school si-fi-literature thing. Florian and me liked the idea and Renzo worked out the whole exo-sceleton of the record. We did not rehearse anything together, what you hear on the record is us playing these songs together for the first time. We only had a few rough demos just to make sure we are all on the same map when it comes to the progression and the evolution of the songs. The main goal was to make something cinematic with loads of different shades and colours to it. For me personaly it was very important to record the whole album live without any overdubs. I am pretty sick of todays way of producing music and the perfectionism that comes with it so I wanted to have a raw sound thats basicaly shows how we three sound together in the same room.

How do you come up with the noises and patterns when writing the genre of your music?

The thing is that you have to let go about the classic rock´n´roll way of playing your instrument. I played in all sorts of different bands within the last 20 years, some of them beeing very fast and rude. So the big challenge is, to play really slow. Like really really slow. To let the notes ring out for minutes if needed. There is now way to achieve that sound with lower volume, you need that gigant, roaring rig behind you. I think it has to do with a lot of air beeing moved and the reaction of the guitar to that. I remember that we did a lot of spontanious stuff while recording and trying out all sorts of little hacks to create certain sounds or noises.

With the vocals on the record, how do you come about to where they should be placed and are there any lyrics involved?

There is just a tiny bit of vocals on the album and it was the last thing we recorded. In fact it is Renzo screaming. I think he had a very precise idea on where the vocals should be placed and maybe you will find out if you read ,Valis’.

What would you say are the common misconceptions about the genre people have?

I have no idea to be honest because I don´t care about peoples misconceptions about the music I play. I am playing in bands since I am ten years old and at some point you simply don´t care anymore. That point was a long long time ago…

If your next album was a concept album, what would you like the story to be?

I am pretty sure that the next one will be a concept album too but I have no clue what it will be about. We all are into pretty different stuff. Renzo is really into this si-fi stuff from the 60s and 70s. Florian is very much into japanese history and art, in fact, the whole artwork of our first record represents that. I am into all different kind of things so in the end, we will see, what  we three will agree on.

What artists would you like to collaborate with that people may think would not fit into your genre?

I would love to have some classical instruments like violin, trumpet or english horn on the next album, just to have another texture within the music. Other than that I could see us doing a collaboration with some sort of grind music which is pretty much the opposite of what we do. But thats just me, maybe we will do something totally different.

What are the plans for Twinesuns for the rest of 2017?

I think we will try to play a few selected shows. Playing live with this band is a nightmare because of our gigantic backline we have to move with us. But yeah, we would love to play a few shows this year. We just played two shows with Mirrors for psychotic warfare which was really awesome.

Any final words to your fans?

Thanks for checking us out, we really apreciate that. Nazi Trumps fuck off!

Twinesuns – The Empire Never Ended [REVIEW]

In a world of noise rock and drone music, there are artists such as Sunn O))) who are able to bring a sound that gives off so many different flavours within a slow and cumbersome genre that it has a way of taking you on a spiritual journey. Amongst this, upcoming group Twinesuns are looking to show you what they are capable of with their upcoming release ‘The Empire Never Ended

The album opens with an array of small feedback noises that sound like whale calls within ‘Simon The Magus’ and as it progresses, the droning noises sort of possess you with the long and arduous instrumentations that are brought to the table, with every time you feel a note get strummed, the all around effect it has sounds very tribal and enticing. The cleaner sections that sound like wind blowing feel bone chilling and spooky beyond belief, having a very tonal pleasing side to it. The next track has this pulsating beat come through on one side with the clean yet dissonant guitar chording coming through sounding warped. The song picks up and by the time you’re fully encased by ‘Die Zeit Ist Da’, you’re probably about two minutes into this thirteen minute behemoth that has small change-ups throughout the song from siren sounds to scratches and feedback.

Throughout the entire record, the tracks are all weaved together amazingly and they all have a distinct way to tell themselves apart from their counterparts. Whether it be with the more space-meets-aztec feel of ‘System Regained’ and the whole build up that track for its eleven minute run time, or the more sludge and doom poundings that arise from the almost ten minute colossal ‘Going Through Life The Eyes Closed’ which starts to take on a very alien and psychosadistic vocal chant and grumble along the belly of this beast, the album feels very well rounded and proceeds to give you something amazing from the genre that you might not be used to listening to before. This can also be demonstrated with the final song ‘Firebright’ which uses a teensy bit more melody in its wake. Sounding even more astral and atmospheric, there are much more creepy nuances that make this just a very interesting listen.

Overall, Twinesuns have brought a new light into drone and noise rock that many people might already be used to, but that doesn’t mean they still cant provide something that has a lot of heart and distinction from its predecessors. It’s a gateway record into a genre you may find yourself enjoying for the better.