WWE NXT Saturday of Download Festival: Show 1 Review

Unfortunately the second half of this show wasn’t able to be caught but NXT Part 1 delivered on the second day of Download Festival.

No Way Jose vs Alexander Wolfe
Winner: No Way Jose —– Match Rating: 7/10

In a match that perfectly encapsulated one of NXT’s new talent No Way Jose defeated Alexander Wolfe in a squash match to open the show. With Wolfe having very little TV time the crowd didn’t seem as accustomed to Wolfe within the match and unfortunately he looked quite sloppy too, whenever he took up any offense. This didn’t seem to matter however with Jose dancing with Wolfe throughout the match and giving a style of wrestling that’s both comedic and seen with plenty of offensive moves. Jose winning with his finishing move, the Fastball Punch however showing the crowd at Download the theatrics he uses regularly within his style of wrestling became not only enjoyable but one of the highlights of the card.

Tye Dillinger vs Sawyer Fulton
Winner: Tye Dillinger —- Match Rating: 8/10

With Sawyer Fulton having no TV time in 2016, this match became one in which Tye Dillinger became the star in the event. Sawyer however proved he had a decent style of wrestling however with his place on NXT’s live circuit for the past 4 years building up a decent wrestler within him. As Tye pointed out so elegantly within the match Sawyer is just a 7 and Tye is indeed the perfect 10. Winning with his finisher the Perfect 10, Tye showed why he is one of the hottest new talents within NXT at the minute. Give him some time in NXT and Tye looks set to make a wider mark on the world of WWE.

Carmella vs Nicola Glencross
Winner: Carmella —- Match Rating: 7/10

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S starting with one of the hottest promo’s of the event Carmella came to the ring flaunting why she is one of the best Women’s Wrestlers within the whole of NXT. The fact that the crowd knew who Glencross (Nikki Storm) were as obvious followers of ICW andEnglish Wrestling as a whole, made the whole event feel that much more of an event. This felt like one of Britain’s best wrestlers to shine and with chants such as “Irn Bru” going off throughout the course of the match the crowd came to have fun watching Nikki Storm. The match lasted for a good 10 minutes at least leaving fans happy with the style of women’s wrestling that they were receiving from the show itself. To end with Carmella’s finishing move “The Code Of Silence” made fans within the tent and outside it erupt for the amazing wrestler. Carmella will be one of the biggest women’s wrestlers in the company one day and this show proved why she is now a diamond (albeit one that shines through amazingly) in the rough.

Bobby Roode vs Angelo Dawkins
Winner: Bobby Roode — Match Rating: 8/10

Purely out of surprise alone former TNA original made his in ring debut at Download Festival. An event which the crowd at Full Sail University had wished they’d seen the fact WWE decided to throw the crowd something truly special added to the notion that anything can happen at an NXT live event. The crowd also responded well to Dawkins shouting chants such as “D’Lo Brown” throughout the course of the match. Unfortunately however with him not being on TV as much his moveset didn’t feel as immediately known but with the fact he has been with NXT for the past 4 years he had shown that he learnt a lot within the Performance Centre and delivered a solid match alongside Roode. But it was with the obvious but very much delight of the crowd that Roode won the match with “The Roode Bomb”, short and sweet, this was a match that made fans happy and one which created the perfect amount of energy within the tent itself.

Asuka (C) vs Peyton Royce – NXT Women’s Championship Match
Winner: Asuka — Match Rating: 7/10

Giving a technical matchup Askua showed Peyton Royce why she is one of the best wrestlers from Japan and why she deserves to be on top within NXT. Giving the crowd the notion of a Championship match felt nice from WWE but in reality this turned into a squash match for Asuka. Peyton Royce also felt like she was botching a great deal of her moves forcing Asuka to take control fro the majority of the match itself. Asuka being how talented as she is however, showed that with a series of kicks and locks that she is a woman not to be messed with and ending the match with the “Asuka Lock” gave fans a submission ending they could be proud of from the legendary Japanese wrestler. Asuka is what’s best as the representation of women wrestlers in NXT and thankfully she proved this on the card.

Finn Balor and Hugo Knox vs The Revival
Winner: Finn Balor and Hugo Knox — Match Rating: 7/10

Hugo Knox is new to wrestling after swapping his career in football (previous goalkeeper for Crewe) for his wrestling boots and due to limited time being shown within NXT fans of the wrestling scene felt disassociated with the athlete. Knox however gave quite a good performance though considering he has only been with the company for 3 years. Unfortunately the negativity lies with his lack of experience, the times when Finn Balor was in the ring felt like moments that wanted to last within the match. Thankfully however Finn carried the match for a good portion of the time during the tag match itself. The Revival also gave a quality performance and one which made the match special. A match that was not bad in any stretch of the imagination however Finn gave a quality performance and ended with a “Coupe De Grace” leaving many fans of the Irish born legend enough to be happy. The main gripe with this match is the order it appeared in the card, the fact that it could have switched to the championship match makes more sense but for whatever reason NXT decided to rn with this order on the day.


In conclusion NXT delivered quite a bog standard card with many of the matches being squash matches. This only one negative way of looking at it as the card also highlighted some potential talent to come up to the company alongside the mainstayers of the show. The card had some highlights with a tag team match and a championship match adding spice to the show, and in conclusion NXT delivered on this day and showed why they’re the leaders of independent wrestling.

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