UNDISCOVERED – Outlines + Fangs

We know that the upcoming and just starting out bands are just as important to cover than the bands who have been around for many years, that is why we have two bands who are just starting out of two different styles you should check out!


Genre: Melodic Hardcore
For Fans Of: Casey / Hundredth / Counterparts

First up we have this Midlands based group called Outlines. Providing a strong riff structure for their first song released, both guitars work really well together and the vocal line provides a chill down your spine with the emphasis and emotion produced in the track. It has the taste of something that will no doubt get better and mature of the years to come and this first track is their placeholder for what to expect in the future from these guys.


Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore
For Fans Of: The Ghost Inside / Thy Art Is Murder / Whitechapel

After their average release of their EP, they felt like something was missing from their whole musical piece as a whole. Now they have downtuned their guitars and brought something out of the woodwork that might be a surprise to those who are fans of the EP. This new single brings a medley of guitar riffs, powerful low screams and a few breakdowns for the easily pleased. Whilst the clean vocals waver between good and bad, this is definitely an enjoyable start and something different for the group.

Give these guys a check out on their Facebook/Bandcamp links below: