Citizen announce warm up shows

After being announced for the Pit Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival, Citizen have announced a small run of warm up shows.

The mini-tour will have support from Big Jesus who have an album due out 30th September, and will take place across the south of the UK.

The dates are:

Monday 22nd August – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
Tuesday 23rd August – Joiners, Southampton
Wednesday 24th August – Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Brighton
Thursday 25th August The Lexington, London


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Stand Up Arcade – A Guide To Starting Over

Workington band Stand Up Arcade are pretty new to the scene, but you’d never guess it from this release.

A Guide To Starting Over follows up from June 2015’s Sunsets & Silhouettes and is a solid 4 tracks of modern emo/pop punk mania. First track Nothing Says ‘I Trust You’ Like A Stakeout In My Car really sets the tone for the record, even before listening with the classic emo titling. The guitar work is solid and vocals are catchy with the stay if you want to, but I’m betting I’ll be better without you chorus is as good as any early 2000s pop punk track ever was. Second track Mindset is a quicker, more punchy track with harder hit drums and fragmented guitars that give a real sense of the broken and battered I won’t be stuck in here forever, I want my way out lyrics that play over the top. Third track Save Me would fit into an As It Is album immaculately and that’s testament to the frankly fantastic writing of this track, more so than any of the other 9 they have released; the tempo is slower, the drums are kick-heavy, the guitars and bass are energetic throughout including a well-put-together solo, and the vocals are controlled to begin with and then rip through the choruses with a grit through the highs. Final track Whatever Happened, Happened was the first single from the EP, and features another engaging opening and doesn’t let go once you’re hooked. Overlapping and layered vocals are the star of this track, with a dynamic guitar part keeping the pace up along with the cymbal-heavy drums to give a perfect close for the 4-track release.

Overall, this is a great work of pop punk class and there is no doubt the band could go far given the right exposure. The EP isn’t perfect, but it is a cracker for any fans of Real FriendsAs It Is or New Found Glory, as is their first release.

Stream and download the release for free here, and check out their Facebook page here.

In The Spotlight: Fresh

This is a new section on Musicology by James called In The Spotlight, aimed at exposure for new and smaller bands of any description and the first band into The Spotlight is UK punk band Fresh.

Basic Info

Kathryn, 19 (guitar & vocals), James 23, (guitar), Daniel, 29 (drums), George, 32 (bass and vocals)

Kathryn:I can’t remember where the name “Fresh” comes from. We’ve stuck with it because it’s an obvious kind of band name, so it stays with you. Plus, it’s fun to say “hey, we’re fresh” on stage. We all live in London, but only I’m from there. James is from Kent, Dan is from Essex and George is originally from near Bristol. We’re inspired by feminism and friendship so that’s also hopefully what people think of when they listen to [our songs] and see us. I want people to think of us as an inclusive band that write honest songs which are fun to sing along to.

The Past

Kathryn: “I played bass in a band with James that didn’t work out, so we started Fresh up as a two-piece. We had another bassist and drummer before Dan and George but both of them couldn’t tour for various reasons. I met Dan and George at a Power Lunches show. They play in a band call Sad Blood and we were supporting them. I thought they were amazing. We planned a Sad Blood and Fresh weekender for January and, because our bassist and drummer at the time couldn’t travel, Dan and George offered to do double duty and learn the songs for the three shows. 

That weekend was so amazing and we all clicked so well that they joined the band! It was a no-brainer. They’re perfect for Fresh as musicians and they’re the kind of people that you can spend long amounts of time with and not hate, which is important.

Besides that weekender, we just finished four dates in the south west with a really great band called Murderhouse. They’re the only two “tours” we’ve done (if you can call them that) but we often drive to nearby cities like Brighton and Southampton for standalone shows.


The Present

Kathryn: The most pressing thing for Fresh right now is to get writing and recording. Our last release was an EP in November so it’s probably about time.

The Future

We have a couple of tours tentatively planned later this summer that’ll be fun if they work out. Other than writing a really good release, we want to do longer shows and branch out a bit. We’ve never played up north, and we’ve never left the UK. I’d love to go to Ireland, and eventually I’d also be well up for Europe. In the grand scope of my life, I’d like to play music and not have to hold down a job. I’m not the “job” type. I can confidently speak for all of us and say that we just want good times and good shows from this band. There’s nothing funner than playing a good set with bands you like. That’s what it’s all about.

Huge thanks to Kathryn and the others in Fresh for this interview, and High Tides Photography for the pics.

To check out the band’s music go to their Bandcamp, and to follow their progress go to their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter (@freshpunks) or follow them on Instagram (@freshpunks)

To check out High Tides’ photos, go to the Facebook page.

If you and/or your band would be interested in going In The Spotlight, fire us over an email to Editor Lauren at and go from there