Upon A Burning Body – Straight From The Barrio [REVIEW]

A band knows that as you progress through your musical career, your sound is susceptible to change itself over time. This can either work for the better or for the worse. With this latest Upon A Burning Body record, their sound is definitely going through its small changes but hopefully with this new record it will show off where they have come as a band.

The acoustic and spanish lyrical styles will feel like newer additions right out of the gate with the first few songs played through. ‘’Til The Break Of Dawn’ uses this a lot to their advantage, but its the heavier verses that stand out more. ‘Already Broken’ also follows this trend with their transitions into their more positive sound choruses and shows the more metalcore side of their band. Danny Leal’s screams haven’t changed a bit in their tone, which helps with being easily noticeable and punch through songs very well.

The grooves from the guitars are once again the mainstay of any UABB record and are still progressing even further. Sounding huge with open single notes on ‘You Don’t Own Me’ throwing in a djent style of bounce which will no doubt tear through live crowds in an instant. On the other end of this, they enter a massive new territory with ‘Leave The Pain Behind’ and sound like a more softer side of Five Finger Death Punch in some parts. The chord structures flow through nicely as well as the cleans being a really solid and structurally integral part of the song.

A band that could be very reminiscent to this style of newish sound that this band has is Attila. As soon as you’ve seen that band name you probably think that that’s the nail in the coffin, but what they do with that music and make their own is simply astounding. The whole track ‘B.M.F’ is a whole other world in terms of bringing that sound and even ‘Fake Plastic Smile’ has the whole mentality of destroying the ‘haters’. Ice Cube once said it best that ‘if you don’t like how I’m living well fuck you’ and UABB have that attitude in spades.

Aggressive, bouncy and a lot of fun, Upon A Burning Body have brought another metalcore/deathcore blended album that might not feel like anything different on the surface, but when you dig deeper you’ll see a few things new and improved.


Released: October 28th 2016
Label: Sumerian Records

Upon A Burning Body release new music video ‘Already Broken’

It’s been a while since Upon A Burning Body have released an album, but in two weeks everyone will receive their blessings with the upcoming album ‘Straight From The Barrio‘ thanks to Sumerian Records. With that in mind, they have dropped a new song titled ‘Already Broken‘ which you can listen to below and wrap your head around!

They will be touring across America with Asking AlexandriaBorn of Osiris and more and you can see the dates below!