American Football Release New Video

American Football have released yet another video for a song off of their sophomore record, yet against being self-titled. In this new release, the band are gracing their track Home Is Where The Haunt Is weith a brand new video which yet again not only shows their musical maturity but also their growth as a band. The band are soon to be gracing UK stages again on a short run of shows and it is definitely not going to be a show to miss. However,  in the meantime check out the new video for American Football’s Home Is Where The Haunt Is below.

black mourning light

Black Mourning Light Festival open band submissions 2017

Edmonton, AB based black and doom metal festival Black Mourning Light have officially launched band submissions for their 2017 festival, occurring on October 7th.

If you are interested in playing at the festival or know someone who is, please visit the submission page on the festival’s website and read the statement below for more information:

“I’m sure by now you know exactly what Black Mourning Light Metal Festival is: a festival focused on black metal and doom, with a love of death and darkness. If your band falls under these categories, and you think you’d be a good fit at Black Mourning Light, then please fill out the application form below and I will get back to you after checking out your music.

Please note, that for this, our third year, I am including one major stipulation: a Dropbox link with a folder that contains your band’s logo in a vector format, a 320kbps MP3, and a 300 dpi band promo photo. This is for the festival posters, the promotional video I will be making, and used for print promo of the festival. Not including this link will be grounds for ignoring your application, and not having all the items listed in the folder will be grounds for ignoring your application.
One of the biggest changes we’ve made to the application process for 2017 is the inclusion of the tech rider in the application form. This info will be passed onto our sound tech to make sure your band sounds as good as possible, and to ensure we have all of the gear they need to do their job as good as possible. Although we try our best to have most of everything backlined for Black Mourning Light, please fill out the tech rider section as if we were not backlining a single thing, just for our own ease of understanding your needs. Meaning, inform us of your exact drum/guitar/bass/keys set up, including brands and model numbers for amp heads if possible.

As always, thank you for your interest and support of Black Mourning Light.”

ILLYRIAN unveil titular Single to new Album

US Thrash metal outfit ILLYRIAN unveil new video Round 2: Fight! from their new album under the same name (out October 7thDisplaying ).

Originally formed in 2011, the Calgary thrashers formerly known as Hellborn Death Engines are beginning their resurgence under the new moniker ILLYRIAN with the recent additions of Jeff Perry (Bass/Vocals; formerly of Sikarra, ex-Animus Labyrinth) plus British drum sensation Darren May (Drums; formerly of ex-Deacon Birch) who have brought new and progressive musical mindsets into the band to join original and founding members Scott Onofrychuk (Guitars/Vocals) and Brandon McNeil (Guitar/Vocals).

Evolving into a highly technical group playing thrash metal with their erratic and precise on-stage delivery, rappier wit, along with nostalgic charm, ILLYRIAN have removed the constraints of conventional metal sub-genre formula to replace their sound with a melting pot of technical thrash riffs, blistering solos, prog-influenced rhythms along with the band’s signature tri-vocal attack all showcased on ten new thrashing tracks on their new album Round 2: Fight!.

The album is set to be unleashed on October 7th and if you want to pre-order it then follow the link here.

Or just as a taster it’s titular first single is available below:

Set Before Us

Set Before Us release new track ‘Peripheral Vision’

Swedish metalcore outfit Set Before Us have come back with a new track titled Peripheral Vision.

The song comes from their upcoming EP Enigmas which is ‘coming soon’.

The band say about themselves “The idea of Set Before Us is mainly to present a energetic and inspiring live show. The audience will be taken on a ride which will include various interactive moments and powerful songs. The songs themselves are melodic metalcore with numerous influences from other types of music. Our lyrics aim to inspire and motivate each individual to take control of their fate, destiny and life. The lyrics will tackle various dilemmas and give the audience a spark of deep thought.”

See the new lyric video for Peripheral Vision below and see the band’s Facebook page here.

Alteras grief scars

Interview: Alteras

After the release of new album Grief yesterday, James caught up with Alteras bassist Zack Orr to get his side of the story as their successes start to rack up.

How has signing to the label changed your work dynamic?

I guess the best thing about being in Alteras while signed to Revival [Records] is that our work dynamic hasn’t changed too much because they’ve been so supportive with all of our artistic ideas we’ve had thus far. The only thing that’s changed is that they’ve given us more of a drive, they’ve given us a bunch of help and backing with merch ideas and stuff like that. It’s definitely given us that bit of fire under our belts.

Has the writing process changed from pre-Grief through the record to now?

Well, the writing process has changed a little bit. Jordan [Wooley, guitar] does a lot of the preproduction, he did a lot of the writing musically for Grief but typically it comes with a concept for a song or a guitar riff of some sort which is thrown onto the table and it grows from there. It becomes what the song is in its entirety everyone’s added their own individual flair.

In terms of the release itself and the reception you’ve got from it as a whole, how would you say that’s differed from the previously released material?

Honestly, we’re blown away by it and we’re humbled by the release that we’ve had so far. We’ve had some great feedback and it’s only been out for a couple of days so we’re extremely excited. We didn’t have any backing or promotion for anything we’ve released before, for Shapeshifter, so releasing Grief with revival and having that support from them makes a huge difference which has been incredible thus far.

Where did you see yourself and Alteras going before you made the step towards Grief and how’s it changed forging the era?

Before, me and Seth [Donchess, drummer] weren’t actually a part of the band. We were asked to join about a year and a half, maybe two years ago so we’ve been sitting on Grief a very long time. It’s been completed forever, it feels like to us (laughs). Now that it’s been released though, we just want to tour, we want to start writing new material and stuff like that.

How did you ‘click’ when you became a part of Alteras?

Me and Seth joined two days, it might have been a week, before a show and the first time we were all in the room together just playing the music. We’d both practiced it, and obviously the other three knew it from playing it before, but once we got in the room together something just clicked. We’re all brothers now, it’s nothing but love and something was always just so right about it all. It’s just clicked so much better than any other band I’ve been in, and it’s turned into this.

What happened with the van incident last week then?

Well this last tour we just got off, we knew that it was a hell of a ride from the start. The two bands we were going to tour with had to drop off somewhat last minute from the tour, so any logical group of guys would have seen we maybe shouldn’t do it but we decided we were going to do it anyway. The first date was in Akron, OH which is pretty close to our home in Youngstown and luckily the van broke down there and not hours away. That was the main van we have and the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the alternator and the battery all just took a shit on us at once (laughs). We took that into the [work]shop right after that to get fixed, then we also have our old van that we were trying to sell and get rid of but thankfully we didn’t so we still had a van (laughs). We took that to Buffalo and played the show, the show was awesome and Buffalo is wild. After we were done playing we were about to load up when we realised the window was smashed and Jake [Clasen, vocalist]’s laptop was gone and Seth’s bag that had some clothes, his toothbrush and retainer and a whole bunch of other stuff needed to be stolen items in it. That was gone as well. After Buffalo, we ended up getting our main van back and we just continued on and other than those two incidents it was a great tour. Other than that we enjoyed it, we had a blast.

What sort of size were the shows you were playing?

The only one that was small, that didn’t have too many people at it was Kittanning, PA just outside Pittsburgh and that’s because when we got there I guess the promoters didn’t fill them in with the fact we were still going to be playing even though the others dropped out but we showed up and we played anyway. I think Buffalo had 130 plus people, Nashville I think had 50, Georgia about 30 so pretty good turnout other than that one show. It was a good time.

Where do you see Alteras progressing from this release into the future?

We’re working on getting tours lined up back to back and getting out to play as many places as we can. We have a ton of new content I mean, we dropped the new record yesterday, a new lyric video yesterday and we have a couple more videos to release sometime soon, and then hopefully nothing but tours into the distant future, to be honest. Oh, and new content too: more videos and new music at some point in the future as well.

When are you coming over to the UK then? (laughs)

We’ve actually had a lot of feedback on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter about coming over there, and I’m dying to come over there and play! (laughs) Hopefully soon we can get something going on.

Thank you to Zack for the interview, and go and check out Alteras‘ new album Grief now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and physical at MerchNow by clicking on each.

Vexxes Unveil New Single ‘Lead Us Home’

Alt-rockers Vexxes have unveiled their new single Lead Us Home, from their newly-released EP Common Ground.

Vocalist Tom Fieldhouse said of the video: “With it being such an energetic track, it would have been far easier to throw together another generic performance-based video. Instead we spent a few weeks bouncing ideas back and forth developing a storyboard for a kind of short film. The epic scenery just seemed like a more fitting way to match the size of the song. Between us, we’ve played everything from large venues and concert halls, to squats and youth hostels around mainland Europe. The feeling you get when you see people singing your songs back to you is so amazing; it’s addictive. Also, who doesn’t want to be in a band, touring and playing every night?! We’re in a massive digital age of music, some people say it’s over-saturated and that live music is ‘dead’ – but we just think it’s really exciting!”

See the new video below:

Get ready for Warped Tour (US) with this stage guide!

Warped Tour US is just around the corner and with just 11 days until it kicks off in Dallas, it would only be right to plan your day. So here is the stage splits with what dates your favourite bands will be at:


Warped 2016

If you haven’t brought your ticket for Warped yet, it isn’t too late either. Check out the dates below:

6/24 – DALLAS, TX
6/26 – HOUSTON, TX
6/30 – ATLANTA, GA
7/02 – ORLANDO, FL
7/08 – CAMDEN, NJ
7/09 – WANTAGH, NY
7/17 – HOLMDEL, NJ
7/31 – DENVER, CO
8/05 – SAN DIEGO, CA
8/07 – POMONA, CA
8/09 – LAS VEGAS, NV
8/11 – NAMPA, ID
8/12 – AUBURN, WA


Creeper Have Another Announcement

The Southampton punks have another announcement to make, and judging by Twitter, it’ll be here tomorrow…

Creeper have recently announced a US tour and played Slam Dunk and Camden Rocks festivals this week, so could it be more shows? New music? A last-minute Download appearance? A support slot with a giant band? Drop us a comment with your predictions!