the brighter view

To The Wind – The Brighter View

To The WindThe Brighter View
Record Label: Pure Noise Records
Release Date: 7th October 2016

Inspired by groups such as Stick To Your Guns, Your Demise and even Bring Me The Horizon (There Is A Hell… era) comes To The Wind, a group which will most likely appeal to fans of these types of bands and add a distinct sense of quality within their sound.

Unfortunately what can be noted by the band, is a distinct sense of repetition. With an atmospheric intro on all but three songs, the tracks seem to aim to be radio friendly hardcore tracks. This is a style which can turn off the purists within the genre. They are a group with talent however, but not one that requires much thought and not one with challenges or that pushes the envelope, detrimentally to the band’s sound on some occasions.

There is one distinct song however on this record which will appeal to even the most purist of Hardcore fans with Hard To Live, Harder To Lose. This is a track which kicks in right away and has the most intense base sound on the entire record courtesy of Tom Laur. The track not only feels like it spits at you with some intense lyrics but also has a standard heaviness that is lacking upon the rest of the album.

To give the band credit, the guitars from Ryan Murphy throughout the context of this release are all of a standard quality. What is annoying to fans of this type of music however, is a lot of them feel way to clean and almost make what the guitarist is playing softer than it actually is. This is most notable on The Brighter View as a tiny bit more distortion would make what the guitarist is playing standout more and make for a more intense experience.

The vocalists also jump from heavy to clean throughout the context of the album and whilst on points (e.g. New World) the band incorporates some quite punky and intense gang vocals where the style of singer Tanner Murphy remains quite clean and crisp. This makes some of the lyrics on the album have less of an impact, and makes fans question why he is even getting to the point of singing them in the first place. This is most notable on a track like The Brighter View.

In conclusion, the musicality of this band is fine. It is technical in all the right places, and it does enough to make fans of this type of music happy. What does feel lacking is a sense of difference from other bands in the genre and the right for the group to stand out on their own. In a world such as hardcore where everything is now repetitive, bands need to do the best to a standard quality. Give To The Wind a chance however, as with time this group could develop to be one of the best new bands in Britain.