LIVE: Fall In The Brawl Festival – Manchester 12/11/16

With the initial plan of providing 11 hours of live music (minus changeover time), Fall In The Brawl Festival looked set to be one of the most ferocious events of 2016. Despite bands dropping out last-minute and some slight technical issues, the festival was overall pretty smooth.

Revelations [6/10] started proceedings with a thunderous racket. Despite lacking a little bit of energy during their time on stage, the lads were still able to carve up ample carnage with their time allotted. After The Abduction [7/10] had no such issues with energy though, as their technical assault immediately kicks in. Impressive vocals and a technical ability to equal anyone else on the Fall In The Brawl bill aided their set in being one of high-octane action.

Carbine [8/10] were next up to the stage and what followed was a set so confidently controlled and delivered you’d be forgiven for forgetting Carbine don’t even have an EP out yet. The set hit harder than anything played previously and the crowd lapped it all up. After such a strong set, you had to feel bad for Incarcerate [5/10], as their down-tempo belligerence just wasn’t enough to follow on from such a pacey and well delivered set. Incarcerate would have fared so much better with a little bit of urgency in their music, as they are certainly stupendously heavy. Some fine-tuning would have also done them good.

With bands like Worldeater and Ingested having to pull out the day before, Clawhammer and Human Error both pulled out of their slots as well, leaving Drifted [6/10] to try and bring the energy back after an hour’s break. Their drummer suffered constant issues with his kit and the set struggled to gain traction in the beginning. By the end of the set though everyone present was headbanging and wondering what could have been, should they have had a perfect set.

Visions Of Disfigurement [9/10] could’ve headlined the festival comfortably with the performance they put on. The four-piece immediately turned the entire floor into a warzone and refused to let any of the pressure off throughout their set. The vocal delivery was putrid, and the chaos unleashed when the slams kicked in was at times verging on biblical. Visions of Disfigurement exemplified a growing trend of fantastic slam and death metal bands coming out of the UK and by the time their final song kicked in, the rooms erupted into a violent display of carnage of admiration. A fantastic set from a fantastic band.

Unfortunately, that was the end of Fall In The Brawl. Big shout out to Chamber of Malice for stepping in at such short notice to cover the gap left by Ingested, and also all the other bands that played. From the performances seen, it’s a fair suggestion to think that they collectively tore the house down!