Rosen Bridge A-Z

Having just released their sophomore EP Dreamcatcher, Rosen Bridge, a ‘spiritually driven metal band’ from Wales want to spread positivity. Of the album, vocalist Antony Jones had this to say:

“It’s about overcoming obstacles and chasing what your goals are. The artwork represents the journeys that people can take within their own thoughts, without looking like a self-help book cover.”

A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music:

Marcus: It’d probably be a song from long in the past that isn’t metal. It’s hard to pinpoint eactly what it is that made me want to play music. As you get older your taste develops and I’m still bumping into new songs that make me want to carry on. It’s probably just more music itself that makes me want to create it, rather than a paticular song.

Eddie: Definitely really hard to pinpoint, but a lot of CKY riffs back in the day made me really inspired to play guitar.

Best Album Ever Written:

Marcus: Sikth – Death of a Dead Day. It’s just the perfect blend of various different types of metal and ridiculously good songwriting. It’s just so interesting and creative.

Eddie: I love Protest the Hero’s – Kezia album, it’s one I always come back to and I can never get enough of the concept of it, it just adds another depth to the music.

Craziest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

Marcus: Probably staying in the van in an underground car park the night after a show in Newcastle next to a few homeless people fighting each other. Then waking up in the morning next to armed police and a parking ticket.

Eddie: Probably back in the day when we DIY’d a video for ‘truth’ from Entropy. We’d rented a really fancy holiday home to shoot in, and it was just such a crazy experience hanging out with all our mates in this 5 star place we just probably shouldn’t have been in.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

Marcus: That ‘I was lost in the maze of my mind’ from our song ‘Brand New’ gets me everytime.

Eddie: Brand New in general really resonates with me, as some of the lyrics came in a pretty adverse time in my life.

Easiest Song You Wrote:

Marcus: Brand New, probably because it just came out organically from the whole band, and we all really vibed off each other.

Eddie: Yeah, probably the same as a lot of the material just came out there and then as a band. But that’s definitely a one off, because most of the time it takes ages for a song to make the cut.

Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played:

Marcus: Our hometown show in Bangor the other night was crazy. It’s so good to see the local scene coming together generally, but to be coming to see us makes us feel incredibly greatful and privileged.

Eddie: Yeah Bangor was amazing because it was the last day of tour and we really couldn’t believe how many people came out to see us.

Guest You’d Most Like To Feature On Your Record:

Marcus: Bjork.

Eddie: Bjork.

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

Marcus: Probably when we were hearing the record come together in the studio, that’s just such a unique moment.

Eddie: Some of the shows recently have really left me beaming, I can never get over how happy I am playing live.

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members:

Marcus: Ant can really rap man.

Jokes You Have In The Band:

Marcus: Mostly ridiculous inside welsh slang jokes that we really can’t mention on here…

Eddie: We also like to play smoke on the water over every song in Practise, im just waiting for someone to do it live…

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song:

Marcus: For Vega is usually a good one to get people moving!

Eddie: We start with summer nowdays and I think it’s a pretty cool way to get going.

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show:

Marcus: Probably our recent trip from Hastings to Swansea, we had to split it through the night after our show and the day before the next one.

Most Inspiring Musician You’ve Ever Experienced:

Eddie: I met Larnell Lewis from Snarky Puppy recently and we had a massive philosophical conversation on approaches to playing and it was a bit of a life changer.

New Band You’d Recommend:

Marcus: Change of Loyalty.

Eddie: Malum Sky, crazy guitar skills.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:

Marcus: Sikth/Architects

Eddie: Issues maybe?

Place You’d Most Like To Tour:

Marcus: Japan

Eddie: America, because I’ve never been.

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers:

Marcus: You may be the only person left who believes in you, but it’s enough. It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness. Never give up.

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent Release:

Eddie: It is quite literally about following your dreams, which is super cliche. But cliche’s are what they are with good cause.

See Us Live At:

Eddie: New Cross, London, August 5th with Our Hollow Our Home & some crazy good prog bands!

The Old Days Of Music Were Better Than Those Currently, do you agree?

Marcus: No, there’s loads of new music out there, that’s incredible. People just tend to get stuck in the past because they attach themselves to emotions there, instead of creating new experiences with new music.

Unusual Merchandise:

Marcus: Grinders

Eddie: We’ve got a lot of ideas for new Merch in the coming year, not sure how unusual we’ll get though.

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

Marcus: we’re working on a full acoustic set so we can do a couple more events over the summer.

What Bands Have You Seen Live and Regretted:

Eddie: Not sure I want to call anyone out, but I saw a pretty big band a while back look completely uninterested in what they were doing throughout their whole set.

X-rays or any other treatments needed for band related in juries:

Eddie: Nothing that brutal yet. Fingers crossed we keep it that way.

You could have written any song in history, which would you pick:

Marcus: Architects – hollow crown

Eddie: Happy Birthday, I could do with them royalties.

Zoo animal that best describes the personality of your band:

Marcus: Red Panda

Eddie: Naked Mole Rat.