Warbringer – Interview

We had a chat with Warbringer a while ago after their tour with Havok.


For those who are not familiar, how would you describe Warbringer? 

Warbringer is completely lethal metal, like a bomb going off in your face. Fast, aggressive riffs and drums with plenty of searing guitar leads and ferocious vocals. Thrash metal, but a rather extreme hybrid strain with many elements from different styles of metal.

You were previously on tour with Havok, how was that experience?

European tour with Havok was great, we also brought along Exmortus and Gorod. We didn’t have a single bad show, so many awesome fans came out and all the bands had a great sense of camaraderie on the whole trip. A really excellent trip to be a part of.

What was the craziest moment on the tour?

The whole thing has been really smooth. The shows themselves often got pretty crazy, many stage dives and some absolutely insane pits. That’s the best part.

You also have recently release a new album, how has the release been received?

Woe to the Vanquished just came out, and it has been a great release cycle so far! Reaction to the new material both on record and live has been immense, and we are excited to be playing the whole thing live in the near future.

Who were your main inspirations for the record? 

The best of all styles of heavy metal. We aim to write a style of thrash metal that is fast, ripping, lethal, but also with more thoughtfulness both in arrangements and in lyrics than usual, as well as a willingness to weave between different metal styles a bit to create a brand that is distinctly our own.

What are your favourite tracks on the new record?

I really love how all the songs on this record came out, but my particular favorites are “Silhouettes” due to the cool rhythmic thing and the eerie concept, and “When the Guns Fell Silent” just because it’s so grim and epic.

How does the new music fair in comparison to your older material?

Better I think. Faster and more vicious, more technical and complex, stronger arrangements I think, less rooted in pure old school thrash (more extreme metal influence) but equally inspired by the spirit. Lyrically I think it is a big step forward as well.

What got you into wanting to be in a band?

Hearing the sound of metal, seeing my first concerts on stage and wanting to conjure riffs and pure power like they did. In my late teens the idea spawned in my head and grew until eventually I just went for it.

What was your first shows like as the group in comparison to now?

Totally different, it was our first band so the early shows were very amateur and not anywhere near the show we give now. The one common ground is that we always gave 100 percent on stage and I have always been the same frontman.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself as a human growing in the band and personally?

I have improved in a lot of ways as a person in doing this, and definitely wouldn’t be who I am now without this experience. The ups and downs of our 10 year career have made me a stronger, wiser person, and I am really thankful to have this perspective in life.

What advice would you give to upcoming bands?

It’s really tough right now. Try to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse before any shows, make sure to make a really strong first impression. Have the mechanics and logistics of the show worked out well, minimize dicking around on stage, make each second count. Don’t tour as a buy on, it is rape.

What has been on your iPod/MP3 player recently/on this tour? 

Honestly nothing music wise. I have been in a dry spell with listening to music the last several months… since making the record, I don’t know what it is. On the plus side I have really dove into a lot of books and podcasts for historical knowledge in this time but I haven’t got my swing back with listening to music actively. I kind of just listen to whatever other people put on right now.

Is there any projects you would like to work on as well as Warbringer musically?

Not really, for me Warbringer is my band, and I just think of what Warbringer will do next for the most part. I have thought of doing some NWOBHM covers or something but nothing serious.

What would be a dream tour for your band?

Honestly for some of the heavy hitters of the old generation, like the Big 4 or Iron Maiden, to take us out. This would be the kind of push a band like us needs to reach real established success, that kind of mass exposure.

What items would you associate with your genre? 

Riffs, speed, aggression, violence, energy, and also honesty and integrity. People who make this music are doing so because they love it.

If your entire band was involved in a horror film, who would be killed off first and who would be the killer?

I’d imagine Adam would be the killer, and I think me or Jessie would get waxed first. Too trusting and nice, haha.

Would you take $1,000,000 but every time you walked past someone you found attractive, you threw up in your mouth a little bit? 

Nope. The purpose of money is higher quality of life. So if I were to take the money but permanently reduce my quality of life in a big way, what’s the point?

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

Tour, tour, tour. This year is the “Woe to the Vanquished” year, and we intend to make the most of it! European tour July-August, and a USA tour with Dark Tranquillity and Striker to follow in September-October.

Any final words to your fans?

Come out to a show and get your head blown off! Thanks for supporting and we hope to see you guys out there on the road. Cheers!