Rooney Unveils New Video For ‘Why’

Alt rockers Rooney from LA have revealed their new romantic video for Why. The video features well-known French actress and musician and Soko. 

The video shows lead singer Robert Schwartzman and Soko on the streets of California. Lyrics delivered from the pair speak of love and emotions during a break up.

Schwartzman said: “The lyrics are about a couple realizing maybe this is it, maybe it’s over, my tears have all dried up, and we both accept this. The beat and music seems to say the opposite, creating some conflict in the song, which is actually true for love and our emotions. We have so much inside of us during a breakup, even if we know it’s right and must embrace this feeling”.

Why is the second single released Rooney’s upcoming album Washed Away. The album will be out later in the month on the 29th. Watch the video below.