Leslie Cours Mather New Single Is A Cry For Unity

Country star Leslie Cours Mather’s new single We Are America is a ‘rallying cry for unity’ for the country. Mather wrote the single after 9/11 however explains why she has decided to release it now.

“It seems more important than ever that we remember that we are a people united by this country we call home…united we stand; divided we fall. That’s what “We Are America” is all about – and why we’re releasing it now.”

The single has been extremely well received within the music community and many radio personalities have praised the singer.
“Perfect song for the times…Country listeners will get it.” – WKKW Radio (Big John)

“She’s inspiring our country with this beautiful patriotic rendition, one note at a time!!!!”– ROKU CHANNEL Nashville Country Stars TV (Laura Dodd)

“It’s an exceptional song that speaks the words that we all need to hear. Despite all the issues we’re dealing with these days, the USA is still the greatest nation on the planet. Thank you for the reminder Leslie.” – WMCI Radio (Bub McCullough)

We Are America appeals to a broader fan-base than Mather’s previous releases taking a patriotic stance as opposed to the more light-hearted tone.

“I always try to bring a message of hope and goodness into my music,” Leslie says. “I think anyone from a military family has a heightened sense of patriotism; I certainly do – and my hope is to see people fall in love with America again.”

The single is available for FREE download from Mather’s website.