Goose – What You Need

No strangers to the electronic music and indeed music world in general, Belgium’s Goose are a band with little to prove this far into their career. Accolades include Coca Cola using their 2002 track Audience in their commercials, remixes by peers such as Soulwax and Teenage Bad Girl to name but a few, as well as having music featured on various TV shows. 2013 saw the band break into the mainstream as third record Control Control Control produced by Paul Stacey (Oasis) and Dave Sardy (ZZ Top) saw them garner attention with the UK press and coupled with their reputation as an exciting live act, things seemed to be on the up for the band with the waterfowl namesake.

Latest record What You Need sees the band shake free the rock elements that were embraced on Control Control Control and in their place a return to grinding pop electro of earlier releases and in parts, this works extremely well. Title track and lead single What You Need fades in on a 6-note riff and twisting synths until falsetto vocals deliver the songs main hook. It’s a classic sounding opener which makes up a brilliant opening trio of tracks alongside the Nine Inch Nails meets Danger of Trip and the groups very own re-iamgining of Blondie’s Heart Of Glass in the disco grooves of So Long

Unfortunately no sooner have atmospheric strains of Call Me ended, do the band begin to incorporate less desirable elements into their songs that, had they dialed back a little, the songs could have been saved from their cheesy sounding fate. Examples of this come thick and fast as the lumbering Holding with it’s “All together now” lyric comes across as forced and trite and later album track Fall Fall Fall, which lacks the soul that its verses require and is followed by an even weaker euro-pop chorus.

There are glimmers of hope aside from the opening salvo though ;the chorus of In The Air landing some serious reverb-laden 80’s pop punches and the Depeche Mode-like instrumental Nightfall providing a welcome break from some of the more uninspired moments contained within the albums twelve tracks.

After the visceral likes of their 2013 release, What You Need starts out with the best of intentions and will potentially even provide their fanbase with some new favourite songs in the title track and the cool So Long, but as a whole cannot match up to heft and weight of it’s predecessor.

What You Need is out April 17th on Safari Records.