William Control – The Black EP – REVIEW

William Control had announced his four part album in the later half of last year and after dropping the first part in October of 2016, many were looking forward to what the rest of Revelations may offer. Following this on the 17th of February William Control dropped the second part of this album The Black EP. After having The Pale EP top the Billboard Dance and Electronic charts there is a lot of hope for this next installment. Without further a do let’s break down The Black EP.

Opening up William Control’s latest installment to Revelations is Analog Flesh in A Digital World. As openers go it is a strong start to the second installment of what will eventually be a feature length album. As the track starts the first clear thing is the strength of the instrumentation and the electronic backdrop that powers the track along. Soon after the vocals of William Control come in to play the song shows the potential this EP has especially with the cohesiveness that both parts of this song have. One of the only downsides of this track is that it’s musical instrumentation becomes a little repetitive towards the tail end of the track, and although having an instinctive bop does become a little stale. But all in all is an a powerful opener.

Following on from this opener is All I Need which yet again shows this clever and well orchestrated instrumentation that lasts throughout the majority of the EP. Yet again William’s vocals are a highlight on the track, however the main thing that stays vividly in the mind post this tracks run time is the samples drum patterns that help carry the song along. However this song does feel lackluster in comparison to that which comes before it. Yet that doesn’t mean the track doesn’t carry some power on it’s own.

After hitting the half way point on this EP we find Knife Play. This song is unfortunately the weakest on the release however that isn’t exactly a negative thing as it is in this track that the influences of Depeche Mode truly come in fruition and William Control sort of hit a stride which is a shame considering there is only one track left on this EP. Despite this being where the influence truly come in to view and where some form of stride is hit, the track feels like it is missing some vital parts the would warrant more than two listens.

Finally rounding off The Black EP is Velvet Rose, and this is truly an interesting closer as it is a huge change pace in comparison to the rest of the EP. One of the first things that is noticeable on this track is the instrumentation and the soft piano that runs throughout, it in this that the track finds it’s subtlety but also it’s beauty as it needs no more and no less. This undoubtedly is the best track on this release and is a perfect closer.

Overall, Wlliam Control’s new release The Black EP wouldn’t feel out of place again on the Billboard’s Electronic and Dance top ten, however at the same time it is easy to see why for at least some this EP may not hit all the right spots. However, with the well constructed vocal melodies and interesting instrumental arrangements this album does have many highlights even though it is only four tracks long. [7/10]

William Control releases new video

William Control release new video for their new track “Analog flesh in the real world” from their upcoming EP “The Black EP” due for release on the 17th February

The Black EP” can be pre-ordered here

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William Control will be heading out on tour, check out the dates below

Apr 08 – Barcelona (E), Sala Salamandra
Apr 12 – Bristol (UK), The Fleece
Apr 13 – Glasgow (UK), Ivory Blacks
Apr 14 – Manchester (UK), Ruby Lounge
Apr 15 – London (UK), O2 Islington Academy
Apr 16 – Antwerp (B), Het Oude Badhuis
Apr 17 – Oberhausen (GER), Kulttempel
Apr 19 – Cologne (GER), Underground
Apr 20 – Hanover (GER), Subkultur
Apr 22 – Hamburg (GER), Markthalle
Apr 26 – Berlin (GER), Musik und Frieden
Apr 27 – Leipzig (GER), Moritzbastei
Apr 28 – Vienna (A), Escape Metalcorner
Apr 29 – Kaufbeuren (GER), Melodrom
Apr 30 – Frankfurt (GER), Das Bett


William Control comments:
“Here we dance on the precipice of a new adventure with perfectly laced boots and a new set of fantastic rules. Shaking off the last flakes of a broken heart we move in the direction of magnificence, shuffling our way into a movement that was created only by our willingness to let go of the pain from our past lives and rocket towards a future where boundaries are limitless and the indulgence we seek is just within reach.

The Neuromantic Movement has begun. The anger and self loathing of our formative years has been replaced with the innate desire to belong to an exclusive club that we design where the only rule is, there are no rules. We can dress according to our desires, f**k according to our wishes, laugh and dance and cry and let go of the sorrow we feel  at times because life is full of darkness and pain and sometimes it doesn’t feel as if it will ever get better.”


Check out “Analog flesh in the real world” below

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William Control – Revelations Part 1: The Pale [REVIEW]

With a different concept in mind of splitting up an album into four EP’s, William Control have released their first instalment to the ‘Revelations’ series. The first EP released most recently, titled ‘The Pale’ will hopefully give you an insight into where the band are going with this and how they will use this to their advantage of bringing you in.

The first half of the EP shows off their true electro-rock side, but the first track ‘The Monster’ sounds immediately like something out of a cyber-goth rave. The vocals come through with soft piano with the lower octave singing voice being a nice fit for what is coming across. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really show off much other than William’s vocals and the underwhelming backing track. The second song has a new wave feel towards its presentation. Much like Depeche Mode had for their infectious electronic programming, WC manages to bring that a bit more with this track. It would definitely have its place in a dark, artsy film or as a AMV on YouTube.

Following this, the second half of the album follows this stride and produces more synthpop on a more darker scale. Its wobbling melody lines and more focus on the vocal harmonies are pushing this EP a little bit better, but other than hearing the main structure of instrumentation for a few bars, it just doesn’t feel as exciting as you feel it might be. Closing on the fourth and final track titled ‘Mother Superior’ which could transport you straight back to the 80’s with its synthpop/new wave grasp with feeling like something David Hasselhoff would sing along too. A good track nonetheless, it closes this average album on a teensy bit of a high note.

A lot of people would wish that William Control should have stayed with the punk side of his music with bands like Aiden and after this EP, some peoples arguments could be backed even further. Even though he might not enjoy that style anymore, it’s much more captivating and exciting piece of music he has created and disappointingly, its not going to do him any favours.


Release: 14th October 2016
For Fans Of:
Depeche Mode / New Order
Label: Control Records