Within The Ruins – Halfway Human [REVIEW]

Now reaching their fifth studio album and getting ready to bring you a whole new set of riffs, Within The Ruins are looking to show off once again why they are still underrated and that even after 14 years of being a band, they can still bring something fresh. Whilst their discography has been always a hit and miss affair, this record hopes to be something special that stands out after over two years of not releasing any album material.

Kicking into things with ‘Shape Shifter’ the technicality and sounds you’re used to hearing from the band are already in presence. From the drum patterns to the guitar style of playing, the band bring you something that is what you have heard from them before, but with a bit more punch and crisp in its sound production. Moving into the next song, ‘Death Of The Rockstar’ feels a bit tedious mainly due to its lyrical quality and the overall cheesy feeling that this song gives across. The clean vocals in the back ground are a really nice touch in its presentation and give off a side to WTR that not many people have heard before. What seems to be noticeable a lot is the tuning of the guitars as the lowest string has such a noticeable crunch to it which is noticeable in ‘Beautiful Agony’ during the more djent centric sections. Once again, the cleans add a nice amount of atmosphere in the album’s direction and boosts up the enjoyment that little bit more.

The album tries its best to push itself that much more into focus and bring some newer exciting elements to this album and it evidently does, but in doing so it sacrifices some other parts to it. The cleans are a really nice addition to the band and songs like ‘Objective Reality’ showcase that the band are slowly testing the waters and in return give you something flavourful and exciting. On the other side of the spectrum, the band seem instrumentally to be stuck in a way that you can hear spans their discography from front to back. On one hand, it helps show that they aren’t forgetting where they have come from, but on the other hand it makes you feel like the writing end has gotten a bit stale in how they structure songs. With intros to songs like ‘Sky Splitter’ feeling like they might bring something new going back to their safe zone in drum patterns, it drowns out the true stellar listens of songs of ‘Absolution’ that, even though might feel similar in their own retrospect, have something that grips you much more.

Will this bring in the older fans back that were hesitant? Probably not, but the whole album as a landscape is an impressive myriad of skill and technical achievement that will no doubt fill in the number of old souls with newer accomplices to enjoy what they’ve achieved. Even though this record feels like an expansion pack to both ‘Elite’ and ‘Phenomena’, this album does have its moments that will keep you coming back for more.

Within The Ruins & Guests – Live @ Mama Roux, Birmingham (30/11/16)

Bringing something technical, something completely heavy and a touch of the metalcore, Within The Ruins brought a nice and flavourful lineup to Mama Roux’s in Birmingham to show off what some of the best of the USA has to offer!


Opening up first was the four piece metalcore group who slammed the accelerator down straight away with their bouncy riffs and aggressive verses which, to the small crowd, has people bobbing away and enjoying what they bring to the table. Their drummer wins the award for being the most inventive with his playing, doing arm curls with the hi hat during a songs closing breakdown whilst Sean Mcculloch’s vocals transcend through the speakers. Whilst it might have felt much more flowing with a lineup of bands like Bury Tomorrow and Fit For A King, the quartet showed people a bit of diversity and gained themselves a few more fans.

Rating: 4/5


Up next brought the disgusting side of heavy with Pennsylvania showing off just how destructive they can get. With old tracks like ‘The Box’ and ‘Warpath’ making your doubts about whether new vocalist John Robert C. can hit it like the past vocalist fly straight out the window. The hardcore/beatdown crowd came into full effect once the slam-like qualities of their breakdowns came into fruition as well as newer songs ‘Bloodlust’ ringing just as true as it does on the record. ‘Little Black Line’ shows off Wyatt McLaughlin’s cleans to a great point and the sound of the whole instrumentation, as well as the vocalist, protruded from the speakers to an amazing extent. A flawless set and a band to keep an eye on for next year.

Rating: 5/5


There was definite excitement for this next band coming up and they weren’t wrong. The guitars and drums came through as crisp as anything and the tracks, old and new, showed off in the best way. There were parts where the vocals sounded a bit muffled through the speakers during parts where he was speaking to the crowd, so it took out of the moment in some cases, but during tracks such as ‘Flatlining’ from their Depression Sessions split as well as ‘Absolute Hope Absolute Hell’ being shown off to the well receiving crowd, this showed off something great that deathcore has to offer, as well as showing different sides to the band you might not be used to seeing.

Rating: 4/5


Bringing the show to a close is the technically gifted four piece who, with a career defining set, know how to give fans of every era something they will definitely enjoy. Wether it be from their 2010 effort ‘Invade’ all the way up to tracks from their latest release of 2014’s ‘Phenomena’, it shows the band has something incredible in their tanks with Joe Cocchi’s guitar playing being the stand out of the entire night, watching the hands just work all over the neck. With songs such as ‘Feeding Frenzy’ bringing passion and technicality whilst ‘Gods Amongst Men’ adds speed to the equation, their entire time on stage was met with dropped jaws and banging heads. It was just a shame there wasn’t enough people there to witness such an electric display of instrumentation and performance.

Rating: 4.5/5

Within The Ruins Release New Single

Within The Ruinsbased in Massachusetts, have released their new single Death Of The Rockstar exclusively via Revolver Magazine. Their new album, Halfway Human, is due to be released via Longbranch/SPV on 3rd March 2017.

Within The Ruins will be touring with Fit For An Autopsy, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Phinehas.

28.11.16 – Plymouth The Hub
29.11.16 – London Boston Music Room
30.11.16 – Birmingham Mama Roux
01.12.16 – Glasgow G2
02.12.16 – Sheffield Corporation

Within The Ruins Announce European Tour

American death-core band Within The Ruins have announced a tour across Europe which will span from November 26th to December 18th respectively.

The tour also sees Fit For An Autopsy, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Phinehas on the bill; making it one of the deathcore/metalcore tours of the year.

In regards to the tour Within The Ruins guitarist Joel Cocchi said:

“After nearly six months of writing and recording it’s time to get back out on the road! We’ve put together a great tour package with a bunch of good friends. It’s going to be heavy and classy. Come out to hear some new tunes and support metal”

The Massachusetts deathcore band are said to have taken a different formula when writing their fifth full LP, which is due out in early 2017 with Cocchi claiming:

“We took a step back and kind of reviewed some of our older material. Typically we’d rush and blast out a group of songs and then hit the studio. At the time it felt right. And it had a more organic feel. Now because of a combination of maturity and honestly just feeling sick of the same old formula, we really focused on creating something different sounding”.

The full tour dates are as follows:

26.11.16 DE Freiburg Crash
27.11.16 NL Eindhoven Dynamo
28.11.16 UK Plymouth The Hub
29.11.16 UK London Boston Music Room
30.11.16 UK Birmingham Mama Roux
01.12.16 UK Glasgow G2
02.12.16 UK Sheffield Corporation
04.12.16 NL Haarlem Patronaat
05.12.16 DE Hamburg Hafenklang
06.12.16 DE Weinheim Cafe Central
07.12.16 BE Liege Reflektor
08.12.16 DE Dessau Beat Club
09.12.16 DE Dresden Konk Club w/o PHINEHAS
10.12.16 CZ Prague Nová Chmelnice
11.12.16 AT Graz Explosiv
12.12.16 DE München Backstage
13.12.16 CH Aarau Kiff
14.12.16 AT Wien Viper Room
15.12.16 IT Goriza TBA
16.12.16 IT Milan Circolo Svolta
17.12.16 DE Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof
18.12.16 DE Oberhausen Kulttempel