Take a read of the behind the scenes of Seasonal’s ‘Certainty’ video!

With an EP title chosen to represent the new beginning for the quartet, Seasonal are here to show off more of their likeable qualities with a new behind the scenes read about their latest music video for ‘Certainty‘. You can read about everything below!

“We picked the track ‘Certainty’ as the debut video as it really sets the scene and introduces our sound on the record ‘Bloom’. It’s a dynamic track which we thought would work well with a mixture of performance and landscape shots feeding to the concept of distance and loneliness in the lyrics.

We wanted the shots in the woods to feature only Matt rather than the whole band, fairly static and just singing the lyrics straight into the camera, with the scenery out of focus between shots until the breakdown. We wanted the performance shots to be dark but energetic, and as it is our debut video, simply giving an introduction to the band and who we are. The concept for the woodland shots was to continue on the theme from the promotional shots of the band in the same location, through to the artwork for the record.

The outdoor shots were taken on this awesome road through the woodlands near Lightwater, Surrey. When the sunlight breaks through all of the redwoods it’s a really stunning spot. The performance shots were all filmed in a TV studio based in Witley, Surrey, that we managed to use for a day. It was absolutely freezing in there when shooting it!

The light boxes you see in the performance sections of the video were created by the multi-talented Matt, who doubles as a carpenter by day. We wanted something to frame the shots and these worked really well to throw out some warm light.

‘Certainty’ was directed by our buddy Jon Fraser. He’s actually a professional photographer by day, who showed interest in videoing and wanted to develop his skill set here. We were happy to let him flex his creativity as we knew whatever the outcome, it was going to look great, due to his experience in the industry. This really showed in just how beautiful all of the shots are and we are more than pleased with it.”

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