Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

8 out of 10

Taking Back Sunday have treated us to their eighth album Tidal Wave, and what an album it is. On the whole, it is different from anything they have provided us with before. This album is the first time that the band have written in the studio whilst recording and the product is something first-class. They have used their experience well and ironed out any kinks. It is unbelievable that by their eighth album Taking Back Sunday still manage to grow and improve and present us with something different and distinctive.

The band hit you with everything they have got with opening track Deaf Wolf. It has a fast paced tempo that promises this album is going to be great. The intensity of Adam Lazzara’s vocals is incredible as he sings “Had a little bit, now we want some more.” This lyric could not be more fitting for how the listener is feeling at this point.

After an explosive start with the first two tracks, You Can’t Look Back slows things down. Despite the gentler tone, this song still conveys the same sense of urgency that makes this album unique. The guitar work in this song is particularly excellent. Its profundity reaches levels that is difficult to accomplish with the instrument.

The album takes a different turn half way through with I Felt It Too. A truly beautiful piece that strips back to a place of bliss. You are left with Lazzara’s composed vocals and a serene feel created from carefully controlled playing from the rest of the band. This song will undoubtedly suck you in and be over before you even notice. It shows off the depths that the band are capable off.

The final track I’ll Find a Way to Make It What You Want is like the band are sat on your shoulder in the same room. Its tranquil beginning is taken over by a sense of desire before returning at the end. The track ends on an unexpected yet nice piano sequence that leaves you feeling calm. It also lets you take a breath and allows you to take in and reflect the whole and album and the journey undertaken.

Tidal Wave could be compared to a few things such as the similar passion and power to 80s rock legends Queen and David Bowie; or the raw underlying roots of early punk bands. However, in all honesty, this album cannot be compared. Of course all music takes its influences from somewhere but this record is just simply Taking Back Sunday. Their own sound, their own message, their own offering that will now go on to influence others. Tidal Wave has been expertly crafted and moulded into a fantastic artwork. This is an album not just for lovers of rock, but for lovers of music.


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