Tiny Moving Parts – Celebrate

Tiny Moving Parts have always been a difficult band to pin down, weaving elements of math-rock, emo, post-hardcore and more into intricately crafted songs. The new album Celebrate is no exception, proving a band that have become ever more masterful at songwriting.

The album continues on from 2014’s Pleasant Living in providing a more full-bodied musical experience rather than their spoken-word based songs in the past. A clean guitar riff leads into the the first track Good Enough, before reaching a quick crescendo and launching in.  The guitar work on the song mirrors that of the whole album, standing out exquisitely. The light tones match up to the soft irony of the lyrical content, “There’s blood on my flannel, courage in my flask”.

It’s impressive for Tiny Moving Parts to keep songs as intricate as theirs catchy. There’s potential to get lost in the jangling guitar tones, but the band always bring you back. The first taste of real strength comes in Birdhouse, opening with the bold, raw shout of “I want to twist your skin!”. The song sings of union and memories; it’s nostalgic and it’s damn cool.

Headache, another highlight, follows instantly along. It’s upbeat, and it’ll have you singing along in no time. “There’s a headache in my head, a pulse in my brain!” is a hook that’s going to keep you coming back for days. The level of polish on this album is impressive, each track blending seamlessly into a jauntless experience.

Amongst this beautiful uniformity, each track still lends something memorable, whether it’s a chorus, an especially profound couplet or a riff. Closing with MinnowTiny Moving Parts go out all guns blazing. They don’t cede to let the album fade out into the ether, but keep up the melodic pace until the last moments.

Celebrate is a truly masterful album, and one that will have fans rejoicing. Boasting some of the best songwriting and technical capacity that the band have produced to date, this is a rich album that keeps on giving.


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