Tonight Alive – ‘Limitless’ Review

9 out of 10

When Tonight Alive announced their new album would be moving in a more pop direction, you could almost hear people groan. With Paramore doing the same thing a few years previously and We Are The In Crowd on hiatus, female fronted pop punk has taken a bit of a dip. The last thing it needed was Tonight Alive moving off as well, Limitless had a lot to prove after their last release The Other Side had so many fantastic tracks. Having first heard a few of the new songs whilst seeing them on their recent UK tour, it’s clear this album has potential to be just as stand-out, albeit a little different.

The album kicks things off with To Be Free, a song with an 80’s movie vibe; the song sounding like it could easily find a place in film The Breakfast Club. Yet despite this, it’s catchy and energetic, definitely one to make sure you see at a show if you aren’t sold on the studio version.

The punching guitar riff that starts off How Does It Feel? is the beginning of one of the most energetic songs on the album, with the lyrics like ‘You can’t hold me, can’t control me’ bringing back the bite seen in The Other Side. The chorus on this song is huge though, and it’s proven to be a fantastic sing-a-long at shows.

A mellower track on the album Waves showcases some of the more delicate lyrics that Tonight Alive offer; ‘getting caught up in your riptides, feeling low until you see why’. This, along with the group vocals, echoing almost like waves, one after another ‘your love comes in waves’ makes this song one of the most solid and emotive on Limitless.

Everywhere had me thinking for a whole moment I had put Coldplay on by accident; the introduction of this song could easily be Chris Martin. Despite its obvious topic of losing someone, this song is surprisingly upbeat, with McDougall’s soaring vocals and Best’s pounding drums. This song seems to be a way of taking the negative and realising that there is a silver lining, it would also be interesting to know whether this song is connected to track Amelia featured on the album What are you so scared of?

Rounding the album off in an acoustic style is The Greatest which is one of those songs you can picture people getting their lighters out for at a show. The layers of vocals in this song are something that really comes through and it’s impressive to say the least. The bridge, really pushes the vocals to their limits and with words like these coming from McDougall ‘it takes me writing a song to know I took it all in’ it’s obvious this is a reflective song.

Whilst this isn’t The Other Side Part 2, it is an album that stands on it’s own merits. With their last album being so dark, the more upbeat sound of Limitless could prove to show some positivity in the Tonight Alive camp. The growth and variety of sound they have shown on this album is a clear sign this band has so much more to give and their journey is truly just beginning.


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