Triggerfinger – Colossus

8 out of 10

Belgian alt rockers Triggerfinger, who recently supported Muse in France and Russia, are due to release their next album, Colossus, on 25th August.

On first impression, Colossus, the opening track, takes influences from the UK indie scene, as well as combining alt rock from the likes of early Muse. The riff heavy track is catchy and easily rememberable. If the rest of the album is as innovative then the listener can expect good things from Colossus.

Flesh Tight takes some influences from recent Green Day in the guitars, but the vocals are very much Triggerfinger‘s own. Again there are a lot of Brit rock influences here, so much so that the listener would automatically assume that Triggerfinger are a British band. Candy Killer is more alt rock, taking influences from Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2, particuarly with bass pedal effects. The following track, Upstairs Box, follows in the same vein.

The first overtly different track is Afterglow. The slower acoustic track sounds like City and Colour, until it starts to build up, which incorporates some orchestral instruments and electric guitars. A refreshingly different track in the album, it is particularly well placed in the middle to catch the listener’s attention after four heavier tracks.

There is a musical shift in the album from That’ll Be The Day, which returns to the riff based tune but incorporates more alt rock influences with indie effects on the instruments. Following this is Bring Me Back A Wild Live One, where the listener takes a trip back to the 70’s in terms of vocal style and effects, but recorded with modern techniques.

The end of the album is a more musically refined and evolved version of the hit tracks at the beginning, introducing the listener to different themes and broadening their horizons. Steady Me takes an old American country influence and adds in alt rock and indie effects and themes to make something wonderfully weird and new to the listener.

The final track, Wollensak Walk, is another slow track, but again riff based, using the pentatonic scale which is traditionally used for walking riffs. Wollensak was an American manufacturer of audio-visual products that ceased operations in 1972, so they would have made recording desks and similar technologies. The track starts fully instrumental, however after a short ten second break, the track completely changes into a more upbeat track, again sounding like the listener has been transported back in time to the late 60’s or early 70’s. It’s possible this track was actually recorded on some old hardware such as that made by Wollensak.

The listener is taken on a musical journey throughout Colossus, from the very popular alt indie rock music in the beginning to the old style rock at the end. With all the different musical styles incorporated within this album, any listener will be able to find something they like.

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