Twinesuns – The Empire Never Ended [REVIEW]

In a world of noise rock and drone music, there are artists such as Sunn O))) who are able to bring a sound that gives off so many different flavours within a slow and cumbersome genre that it has a way of taking you on a spiritual journey. Amongst this, upcoming group Twinesuns are looking to show you what they are capable of with their upcoming release ‘The Empire Never Ended

The album opens with an array of small feedback noises that sound like whale calls within ‘Simon The Magus’ and as it progresses, the droning noises sort of possess you with the long and arduous instrumentations that are brought to the table, with every time you feel a note get strummed, the all around effect it has sounds very tribal and enticing. The cleaner sections that sound like wind blowing feel bone chilling and spooky beyond belief, having a very tonal pleasing side to it. The next track has this pulsating beat come through on one side with the clean yet dissonant guitar chording coming through sounding warped. The song picks up and by the time you’re fully encased by ‘Die Zeit Ist Da’, you’re probably about two minutes into this thirteen minute behemoth that has small change-ups throughout the song from siren sounds to scratches and feedback.

Throughout the entire record, the tracks are all weaved together amazingly and they all have a distinct way to tell themselves apart from their counterparts. Whether it be with the more space-meets-aztec feel of ‘System Regained’ and the whole build up that track for its eleven minute run time, or the more sludge and doom poundings that arise from the almost ten minute colossal ‘Going Through Life The Eyes Closed’ which starts to take on a very alien and psychosadistic vocal chant and grumble along the belly of this beast, the album feels very well rounded and proceeds to give you something amazing from the genre that you might not be used to listening to before. This can also be demonstrated with the final song ‘Firebright’ which uses a teensy bit more melody in its wake. Sounding even more astral and atmospheric, there are much more creepy nuances that make this just a very interesting listen.

Overall, Twinesuns have brought a new light into drone and noise rock that many people might already be used to, but that doesn’t mean they still cant provide something that has a lot of heart and distinction from its predecessors. It’s a gateway record into a genre you may find yourself enjoying for the better.


Twinesuns - The Empire Never Ended

9 out of 10
Released: 27th January 2017 Label: Pelagic Records
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