Uneven Structure – La Partition [REVIEW]

7 out of 10
Released: April 21st 2017 Label: Longbranch

The progressive metal world is getting another album addition into its arsenal with Uneven Structure releasing their second album in four years of their last release. With a lot of weight coming behind another band of the dreamy and djent unit, its time to see how it’ll hold up in a sea of releases.

The album guides into ‘Alkaline Throat’ with a dark and eerie buildup of piano and programming behind as the album reaches its point with gripping vocal singing and djent filled guitars. The album keeps this momentum going throughout the entire track with the lead and rhythm bouncing off one another to create a solid opening track. ‘Brazen Tongue’ keeps this up with more groove inducing riffs that shape the bands musical prowess. They don’t throw out the technicality too much but when they do, it is met with much praise as it sticks with the flow and precision of the track has the same feel as Textures in parts with their musical songwriting. The band are still hitting the marks they need to hit as the album carries on moving forward. ‘Crystal Teeth’ has a big forefront on the atmospheric melody thanks to the lead guitar and the effects it carries through the track, being a great way to shape up what feels like the first act of the record.

From there on out, the same themes seem to relay through the record and whilst it pushes to their strengths, it can feel a bit monotonous in areas. The band still give you what you want with ‘Incube’ and ‘Succube’ which still come off with a booming djent backing sound with emphasis on the guitars and drums, with the vocals hitting the nail on the head every time. The tracks don’t blend into each other, but with the reoccurring themes that are present in the bands character it has a way of just hitting that middle ground as well as some elements that fully show off more of the bands craft. Further down the list you have ‘The Bait’, the theatrical elements shine through quite nicely and give you a more enjoyable third act to the record that it seemed to need to push itself even higher up the listenable list, putting this amongst the likes of Gojira. The album closer gives you an onslaught of power as ‘Your Scent’ careens through the speakers and solidly gives you something poignant that the record seemed to have needed from people who might not be as fixated on the genre.

Overall, the record is a nice starter to people who want to get into Uneven Struture, let alone the genre of progressive metal, but to those who are more at home with the group, this will definitely come out of left field. They’ve put an amazing amount of hard work and effort and it doesn’t go unnoticed, but within a sea of music this record might get lost in the shuffle.


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