Values – Broken Nation Review

9 out of 10

Opener Pros and Cons starts the EP off instrumentally, building momentum before dropping the vocals, which fly fast and really kick things into high gear. The clean guitar riffs and vocals soar through the pounding drums and chugging rhythm guitar, bringing a lighter tone to the metal track.

Adrift sees the vocals be put through their paces with a variety of styles explored, the gang vocals show that they will be a high moment in live shows for Values. The track drops into a breakdown that promises to have you head banging regardless of where you are, before finishing with a declaration of being home that will have you shouting it at the top of your lungs.

As the title of the track would suggest, Blind Ignorance is every bit as punchy as one would imagine and holds nothing back. Straight off the bat, this track takes Broken Nation to new breakdowns and blast beats, before softening with almost an interlude mid-track which really allows the vocals and lyrics to come across in a heart- wrenching manner, hitting you right in the feels.

Alone takes this EP to a different tone altogether and you may even wonder if you’re still listening to Values, however despite this being a purely instrumental break in the album, it doesn’t fail to deliver and shows their ability to work in a different direction.

Picking up the pace again is Denounced which, with its chugging guitars and unforgiving breakdowns starts as one of the heavier songs, yet mellows slightly with clean guitar picking that is almost lullaby-esque and gang vocals that will clearly turn into crowd sing-a-longs at live shows.

Title track Broken Nation is a clear outcry at today’s society with lines like “we’re living in a broken nation/we’ve got to face our own creation”. The track acts almost like a call to arms to look at the world around us, with the brief mid-track interlude-calling people to unite. The track ends with a breakdown and almost a growl that pleads, “we must unite”.

Apart starts with a voice clip that depicts a man talking about how often you can learn something about a subject yet still know nothing about that subject. This track takes the band into uncharted territories and explores a new sound, more melodic, with huge gang vocals and echoic guitar parts that make the song all round atmospheric and anthem-like.

Straight back at it again is Don’t Sweat The Small which brings back the chugging guitar and double-peddle footwork, an interesting riff that drops into a breakdown promises to create many a pit as the energy of this track explodes into a series of chugs and roars.

To sum up Broken Nation, this is an EP that stands on its own merit and will have you hitting replay. These tracks promise to pave the way to a very bright future for Values and if they put on a show anywhere near this quality, it’s guaranteed to be one for the calendar. 9/10

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