Waterparks – ‘Cluster’ EP Review

After so long of hearing about Waterparks, their newest EP Cluster (out on May 27th – UK) has a lot to answer for. The Texas trio has offered up their latest EP with Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) taking on bass duties. With an enormity of pop punk bands emerging on a day-to-day basis it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, Waterparks are in a league of their own.

First track; Crave starts up with a guitar riff that will have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet. Use of synths that you wouldn’t have expected pop up, yet work and it’s something that sets Waterparks apart from others in their genre.

Territory jumps straight into things with a rapid drum beat and ambient guitar playing. The vocals are reminiscent of Michael Jagmin of A Skylit Drive throughout the chorus.

Next up, Mad All The Time picks the pace up with slightly heavier guitar tones and a chorus that begs to be shouted along to. The bounce on this track promises to have the whole pit jumping, easily single material.

Pink is pop punk gold, the pre-chorus chugging guitars reminiscent of pop punk heroes like All Time Low, Good Charlotte and Sum 41. The bridge on this track is fantastic, a series of electronic synths that have you wondering if Waterparks can do any wrong and also why everyone else isn’t on the synth train.

The closer; No Capes rounds things off true to the EP, no holds barred pop punk at its finest. This song is a whirlwind of catchy lyrics and guitar riffs that leave you wanting more from the Texas trio.

A fantastic EP to see the band touring overseas and to introduce them globally, if they continue this recipe on a full-length album the sky is truly the limit. Not just another pop punk band, but a band that are about to set the bar very high and become very well known. 10/10

Catch Waterparks on the US Vans Warped Tour, at Slam Dunk or at their UK headline show at The Barfly, London on May 31st.

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