Westing – Rough Year EP [REVIEW]

Bringing something alternative and indie with a small blend of emo is Westing. Bringing a new EP titled ‘Rough Year’, the lyrical content as well as the music structure brings something exciting to the table, but also flips said table too with a strong emotional sense with it.

The first track kicks off with a strong guitar sound and feeling very much like something from Brand New, ‘Calm Down’ gives you a great insight of what to expect with the EP. The vocals aren’t overdoing it with the lower octave style not tearing through the rest of the instrumentation, whilst the drums help heighten the guitars stupendously and bring something that flows really nicely. ‘Crooked Pictures’ follows the same trend as the first song did and gives the bass guitar more of a boost in the verse sections. This helps round out the first half of the EP really well, showing off a nice alternative rock sound mixed with the more darker undertones that pop punk can show. There is a certain heaviness that lies around 2 minutes in that could be mixed with bands such as  a more aggressive Basement.

The last two songs show off more the artists structural technicality with ‘Subtle Hints’ going a bit more unidirectional with its guitar playing whilst making the chords hit hard in the verses and and the tone ring true from start to finish. With its tenacity from beginning to end, moving straight into the acoustic heavy song ‘I Am Here’ is definitely a change from what you just heard. The dulcet tones from both the acoustic and Matt Mascarena’s vocals play off each other exquisitely, closing the EP on a very sombre note.

For four tracks, this EP does something that some albums aren’t able to provide, and that’s character. Westing have something exciting, partly aggressive but above all, it has something worth listening to.

Westing - Rough Year EP

9 out of 10
Released: 18th November 2016 For Fans Of: Brand New / Basement / Thursday Label: N/A
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