Whitechapel Show Off New Track

Whitechapel are set to release their upcoming album Mark Of The Blade, on June 14th through Metal Blade Records. Check out the The Void here. Head over to this link to listen to the albums title track and preorder it.

Alex Wade (guitars) comments: “This track is the opener for the record and it sets the pace nicely for the rest of the CD. It’s a different sound for us but still heavy and aggressive. As you can see from the title track to this, the dynamic between songs on the album is quite different so we hope the fans enjoy all the new sounds we brought to the table on this record.

It’s the most dynamic record we’ve done, in the sense that one song can be very aggressive while the next one will be softer and sentimental,” guitarist Alex Wade asserts. “At this point in our career and as we grow older, we are taking a more open-minded approach to creating our music, allowing what we think sounds good to evolve naturally, rather than to just write what is expected of us.

Album track listing:

1. The Void

2. Mark of the Blade

3. Elitist Ones

4. Bring Me Home

5. Tremors

6. A Killing Industry

7. Tormented

8. Brotherhood

9. Dwell in the Shadows

10. Venomous

11. Decennium

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