With Confidence – Better Weather

With Confidence Better Weather
10 out of 10

Aussie pop punkers With Confidence haven’t been around all that long; they only formed in a high school in 2012 and this album is their debut full-length, and only their third collection of tracks in total, yet you wouldn’t expect it for a second.

The lyrics throughout the record pack a serious punch, not falling flat as so many do in the modern community. Keeper has a real tone of bringing light to a desperate time with the “even though it all went south” lyric playing on the mind after every repetition throughout the track. Further excellent lyrics come from Gravity as Jayden sings “I fight through to see tomorrow, I’m so tired now watch me let go” to provide hope along with the pulsating and energy-riddled instrumentals powering through beneath him.

The instrumental parts aren’t the most technically extravagant which is to be expected of any pop punk band, but the sound is a sharp and polished one of a well-produced nature. Particular strengths are the bass in Keys and Gravity, the guitar work throughout the album but particularly in We’ll Be Okay and Keeper, vocal work in Keys and Waterfall which together create a real sense of quite how versatile Jayden Seeley really is, and drums are most standout in Keys and Gravity but fantastic the whole way through.

Frankly, there are no bad tracks nor are there even “weaker” tracks: every track is a belter. The pure energy this band have from their youth and newcomer status is refreshing and while with some bands this comes out too much and creates an overly-emotionally-driven release, With Confidence seem to effortlessly reign it in to allow the polished sound they get. A clear example of the restraint they have is shown in Long Night with the pure delicacy and beautiful nature of the song which proves their depth and dynamic nature, likely to become a wedding song for any fan of the band.

The standout tracks from the release have to be the first single from 4th January We’ll Be Okay which was released to coincide with the announcement the band had signed to Hopeless Records, and last song previewed pre-release Voldemort which acts as as the opener. The former is a hugely catchy, raw and energetic piece of pop punk mastery with a gargantuan chorus as Jayden’s vocals soar into falsetto; the latter is an opening track of the highest order, lyrically surrounding the concept of the Better Weather metaphor and with guitars pulsating powerfully through the entirety of the 3 minutes.


“This record is the closest a pop punk record has got to perfect since Fall Out Boy‘s 2005 classic From Under The Cork Tree. With Confidence truly are going to a big place, and they’re going there quickly.”

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With Confidence

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