Witterquick – Fire and Ice – REVIEW

8 out of 10

After an abundance of critical acclaim following their Top 10 Alt-Rock debut EP Witterquick are ready to make a big splash with their newest EP Fire and Ice, which from the first single proved to be this big and well orchestrated piece that has a lot of promise before its eventual releasae this coming October. Without furter ado let’s breakdown Witterquick’s Fire and Ice.

Opening this EP by Witterquick is Shattered Suns, a track which starts with this simple moment of electronic instrumentation. This simplistic moment continues until the band kick in with this fuller sound, stacked with well-composed instrumentation. As Witterquick move through with Shattered Suns the vocals quickly follow and showcase just how perfectly the vocals accompany the instrumentation that is present throughout the track.  As Shattered Suns progresses the chorus comes in to view which kick starts this almost anthemic musicianship which continues on until the tracks end run time. Shattered Suns is an extremely strong opening track which not only sets a precedent for the remainder of this EP but also showcases the musical prowess and powerful vocal ability that is going to be present on this EP.

Following up on this EP is Lie To Me, another track which impresses both instrumentally and vocally. Witterquick on this second track are showcasing their ability to create a cohesive and well thought out song which not only explores different musical dynamics but also shows the bands capabilities in maintaining a high level of execution from track to track. Lie To Me also shows the band performing a far slower tempo than the track before and it truly adds to the overall composition and anthemic feeling which yet again is existing during this track, which allows for this song to be the strongest cut off of this record.

Moving swiftly on from Lie To Me is Hiding Place. Which again shows the strong orchestration that has been present time and again throughout this record, but also showcases the band implementing, even more, moments of electronic instrumentation which beautifully compliment and amplify the song. During this track, the vocals of Witterquick’s Will truly take center stage and become the main focal point for the remainder of the track. As during this song not only are there these soaring harmonies which layer the background of the song but there is also this great vocal tone and control being displayed throughout the track.

Closing off this EP by Witterquick is I Need A Friend which despite many highlights falls short of being the strongest cut off of this record. Overall the execution on this final track is outstanding and it truly brings the EP to a strong and well-rounded close. This particular cut off of Fire and Ice feels like it almost ripped from a film soundtrack with the big harmonies that texturize the song, as well as the anthemic feel which truly brings this EP to a satisfying end.

Overall this EP from Witterquick is a strong and well-orchestrated release, filled with highlights in both instrumentation and vocals there are many things to fall in love with on this EP. The anthemic feel that exists throughout most of this EP truly place Witterquick well among other alt-rock bands who are producing similar material. Although this EP is short lived it is a great release filled with well orchestrated instrumentation and vocals [8/10]

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