The Workhorse III – Closer To Relevance

8 out of 10

Mixing the sound of Skate Punk with old school rock and roll vibes comes The Workhorse III. A group that can link the sound of bands such as T.S.O.L, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, and Cream the wide range of influences is something that makes the group truly unique.

The early 60’s stoner vibes can be felt throughout the context of the album but it can be found on Holy Roller the clearest where guitarist Lisa Christ Superstar and bassist Stuart McCarthy bounce off each perfectly, giving a classic rock inspired rhythm to the song. That’s not too say the album doesn’t have its heavier moments with intro track War Torn City and the male vocals on Closer To Relevance roaring through the traps giving attendees of a festival like Rebellion something to shout about. The sections of the song don’t feel completely alienating however as it takes in modern Hardcore into account with references to Gallows layered throughout the context of the song.

The two vocalists of both Lisa and Stuart have versatile uses upon the album. On a track like What’s The Point, Lisa’s vocals emotes a classic female Punk singer like Joan Jett into the track giving fans something easy to grip to. Leaving the track of just over 2 minutes, this feels like a great introduction to what was classic Punk. In the case of Stuart a more gruff approach can be heard and in the style of an aging rocker, the shouts of Henry Rollins and the stoner sound of John Garcia this is something that can be pinpointed. What is the exception to this formula however is on the track Find My Mind when a Horror Punk sound of a group like The Misfits is heard which his voice also conveys perfectly.

The third member of the band drummer Eric Perfect plays perfectly, creatively, and expansively when he makes great flourishes on the tracks. Whether this is on the Hardcore sections or on the Horror Punk sections on this album, his style remains versatile and creative. If you want to find a band that play within a variety of different styles, you could do much worse than his style of playing. Give this musician a chance, if you want to find out more of what makes The Workhouse III so great. The band go into different creative avenues throughout the context of the album with Want You having one of the best acoustic guitar intro’s to a track in 2016, to the bass of Find My Mind breaking down like a Dillinger track. A more post punk version of Bon Jovi’s with the best female Punk vocal shouting over it is heard on closing track I Can’t Forget, this is included with the best piano intro in 2016. Give the band their dues to end on something like this is ambitious but this sums up the group perfectly.

What can be seen massively from this band however, is whilst the tracks seem expansive and creative, the use of the majority of the tracks being under 3 minutes, and the shouty Punk chorus of a track such as Wasted means this band won’t alienate listeners. With creative guitar solos on tracks such as Life Of Crime this is a band that will appeal to a fan of literally every style of alternative music. This band feels like it might a bit challenging to reach huge heights, but if a solid following can be made, then this group has done their job.

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