Youth Killed It Release Their New Single What’s So Great Britain?

Youth Killed It have released their new single for What’s So Great, Britain? last week via Rude Records. The track is available to be listened to below.

Vocalist/guitarist Jake Murphy stated about the bands new single: “It is a view from the perspective of the outside, looking in at the current divide in the country: Old vs young, poor vs rich, left vs right; and how all of it is just labels made up to split us further. We take each other for granted and it’s easy to forget that sometimes people might have differing opinions which come from a good place, w never judge, we don’t like to take sides, we just see what’s good and bad about the current state of politics and satirize it through music.”

The bands previous single Where Did I Go Wrong? was shot by collaborator Ray Roberts and aims to display a portion of British society Jake Murphy says appears: “disgruntled and fed up, which we feel accurately represents the feeling permeating through Britain at this current time.”

Where Did I Go Wrong? is available to be listened to below:

The band actually started in Norfolk as a metal based band called Under The Influence the group states about their  sound: “It’s hard to pinpoint where exactly our sound comes from, somewhere deep within the recesses of our minds probably. ”

The bands current aspirations are about: “Writing songs about never doing the dishes, hating their day jobs and having fun, not taking things too seriously in a world where everything is taxing and exhausting.”

Youth Killed It play dates at certain festivals including:

23rd June – Isle Of Wight Festival, Newport
22nd July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
28th July – WonkFest 6, The Dome, Tufnell Park, London


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