Youth Man – Wax [EP]

Right from the very start of first track Sweet Apples, it is clear to see Youth Man mean business. The eruption into a gritty mass of bass-fuelled mania grabs listeners and doesn’t let go until the cries of “sweet apples” over the pure noise underneath. The tone is established: a messy tone of complete madness resonating under devilish cries from Kaila and Miles. Fat Dead Elvis is next up and even from the title listeners can tell the band just don’t care who they offend or what they reference in their tracks as long as it makes for a raucous, crazy time.

Third track Pigs has a punk intro before breaking into wails over the top from Kaila again, becoming a really rough track in the process. There is real excellence in the instrumental here as the track reaches the midway point, with the guitar line providing some tone to the loud, huge bass and drum work that keeps the pace right up to the very end of the track.
Look: Wait doesn’t provide any breathing space afterwards though, leaping straight into a vicious instrumental. The unclean vocals come in very, very strongly again straight over the top, and in true punk style the track is over nearly as soon as it has started…just 1 minute 10 seconds to be precise. 
The final track Painted Blue starts a lot more calmly with creepy minor variation chords. It continues to build and grow, getting more heavily played until it becomes almost transforms into a groove. As would be expected, the track then grows messier with a guitar solo towards the end with more feedback and harmonic sounds to bring the depth to the vocals, which brings out the dark under layer of the “devil painted blue can go fuck himself” lyrics.
Overall, not a clean listen but an enjoyable listen; (Gallows-owned) Venn Records have done themselves well yet again by picking up Youth Man.
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